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Thursday's Frosty Maas

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Wookie of the Year.
Wookie of the Year.

Some things to read while tanning.

Tyler Maas here, filling in for Snow. You might (but almost certainly don't) recognize me from such sites as Right Field Bleachers, Bugs & Cranks, The Daily Drink and A.V. Club Milwaukee. I also write as "T. Mario" on Doctors of Za, my newly-launched Wisconsin-based pizza review site. If it makes Trenni laugh out loud, it probably at least warrants a look from you.

I hate doing/am terrible at link dumps, but BCB's fearful leader is a great guy, so hopefully I do him proud and give you all something worth reading. Away we go.

Against all odds, the underdog Yankees won the 2009 World Series - their 27th. What is their secret?

Hideki Matsui won World Series MVP.

"I got Matsui."
- Paul Rudd in Knocked Up


Miller Park Drunk is my favorite Brewers blog. It doesn't always write about the Brewers, but it's hilarious and has balls.

We Brewer fans are lucky to have a writer Adam McCalvy. He's hard at work even when there's nothing to write about.

Yikes. Not touching this one.

Some math thing about Warren Spahn that I didn't read. Not a Brewer, but a former Milwaukee player.

Minor Leagues

As many Crew fans hoped when he was drafted, Mark Rogers is an All-Star (in the Arizona Fall League's "Rising Stars Showcase"). Who's the bust now, world?

Oddly, Rogers isn't pitching like an All-Star.

As noted in a FanShot Wednesday, Don Money will return as Nashville's manager. Rich Gale will join him in Nashville as the Sounds' new pitching coach.

NL Central

Richard Justice has thinks he knows how to run the Astros.

Does six years at $96M sound about right for Matt Holliday? Can't beat that playoff defense.

The Cards released Brad Thompson.

Albert Pujols is stepping up to help the family of (former Brewer) Mike Coolbaugh.


Could the M's be in on Ben Sheets?

TBS admits Chip Caray 'made some errors' in the booth this postseason. I guessed I missed it. The again with the teams competing in the 2009 postseason, I often opted to watch re-runs of Law & Order: SVU instead of big-budget, predictable baseball.

Big League roots run tall (about 3' 7'') in the Gaedele family.

Some sports costumes. I'm loving number 12.

Derek Jeter now has A BRIDGE! To contrast, the coolest thing that's ever happened to me was making Trenni Kusnierek LOL by writing about pizza. And being the guest editor of BCB, of course.


Keep reading, and for those of you with disposable income, buy a unique shirt from the all but dead Right Field Bleachers. We have like 200 left.