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The Weekend Linkfest!

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Some things to read while being a real man or while putting up your holiday decorations.

I would like to preface this by kind of letting everyone know what is going on.  As KL posted friday, Morineko, FtJ and I will be your new weekend editors.  What that means is we will be hanging around and posting a weekend news post to keep things alive on the weekends.  KL asked us to "make it our own" and do what we'd like with the post.  I, personally, will probably be following the same basic format as the Frosty Mugs, though I can't speak on whether the other two will be doing anything radically different.  Hopefully we can get it so it is nearly as active on Saturday and Sunday as it is Monday-Friday.  If there is anything you would like somewhat different, at least from me, feel free to voice whatever is on your mind.

And if you are arriving late today, be sure to check out Jordan's and Jeff's excellent-as-always posts below this one.  Both posts relate to the JJ Hardy/Carlos Gomez trade, about which I have an abundance of articles, so let's get right into the bulletpoints for that:

  • The Bucky Channel likes the trade.  However, they also think Gomez should lead off, which is probably a bad idea.
  • Wisconsin's Sports Tap also is a fan of the trade, and gives a pretty good look at what this means for the Brewers.
  • Carlos Gomez says that he'll hit in Milwaukee with a full time job
  • The Official Site has an article about Alcides Escobar, along with Hardy's thoughts on the player Escobar is and will be.
  • Casa De Machado says their good-bye to JJ and also thinks that Corey Hart will be traded with Jody Gerut taking over in right field.
  • Milwaukee's Own Brew Crew Fans likes the trade and likens Carlos Gomez to another player with what seems to be a similar skillset, Michael Bourn
  • Miller Park Drunk has a big roundup of what various places are saying about the trade.
  • Tom H also sees the Bourn comparison.  I have also seen/heard comparisons to Jose Reyes in various places as well.

There are other links, but there is nothing really to differ them from the rest.  Most people either like the trade or are at least OK with it.  I only saw a couple places where the author hated the trade.

In other news, it sounds like Mark Mulder will probably be a Brewer sooner than later.  We;ve been hearing that for a while, but I haven't heard of any displeasure about the Brewers taking that risk.  As long as there is no big guaranteed contract, I don't really know how you could be upset with that.


Baseball Daily Digest has a very good article up about new Brewers pitching coach Rick Peterson, his time in Oakland, and his work with their "big three".  It's definitely worth a read.

The Arizona Fall League's Rising Stars game was yesterday, and the only Brewer, Mark Rogers, didn't get a chance to pitch in the game.  Here is the gameday with the boxscore.

Roguejim has a fanpost about pertinent off season dates.  Circling the Bases has an even more complete list full of offseason dates.

Circling the Bases also says that the Phillies will be in the market for a third basemen to replace Pedro Feliz.  Would they have any pitching the Brewers could get for McGehee or Gamel?

Several different sites have been ranking the New York Yankees World Series winners.  I will link to the Hardball Times version because they have links to several others if you are interested.

Other than all that, I just have a few quick, interesting links:

If you don't like ESPN, Brewed Sports gives you another reason to dislike the World Leader.

BizofBaseball makes the case against implementing a salary cap in baseball.

In Cuba, there was a case where the Umpires using instant replay might still have led to the wrong decision.

And I don't know what the holiday was, but the city of New York had some sort of parade.  Something to do with the Yankees I think?  I don't know, Jay-Z was there, so I am guessing it must have been important.

That's about it.  Unless of course you want to sign Seth McClung up for some anger management classes.