Non-tender deadline in just about 5 hours

And still no word on the fate of Dave Bush, Jody Gerut, et al. I wonder if the front office is waiting to see who else is non-tendered --- what the free agent replacements might be if they non-tender their own players. Jonny Gomes and Ryan Church have already been made available --- would they have any impact on the decision to keep Jody Gerut or Corey Hart?

Here's the list, per Adam McC:

That list is made up of starter Dave Bush ($4 million salary last season), relievers Todd Coffey ($800,002), Seth McClung ($1.6625 million) and Carlos Villanueva ($447,000), outfielders Jody Gerut ($1.775 million), Carlos Gomez ($437,500) and Corey Hart ($3.25 million) and catcher Mike Rivera ($415,000).

Call this your non-tender open thread.