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This Week in Twitter (T.W.I.T.): Getting one last laugh out of Jason Kendall

So, as you've probably heard, Jason Kendall signed a two year contract with the Royals over the weekend, and shortly thereafter, the #jasonkendallfacts hashtag on Twitter was born. The movement can probably be largely attributed to Keith Law, but dozens of people have weighed in with their own Jason Kendall Facts. Here are a few of my favorites:

@matthewrjohnson Jason Kendall once collaborated with 50 Cent to make the hit song G.I.D.P.

@themattgalloway Jason Kendall collects more soft singles than the average full-time stripper.

@voteformelhuse 3/3 Molina brothers agree that Jason Kendall is the easiest catcher in MLB to steal off of.

@themattgalloway Jason Kendall is the reason Peter Gammons is leaving ESPN. He just couldn't stand covering him anymore.

@keithlaw Nihilism: The belief that life is just a series of Jason Kendall at bats.

@hardbraun Jason Kendall has infield fly rule power.

@juristblog Jason Kendall has never used performance-enhancing drugs - according to an ad campaign for performance-enhancing drugs.

@atmeiller Shaves with a cheese grater, and towels off with sand paper. #GRIT

@djpeck21 Jason Kendall is the inspiration for 2 cereals: Kendall Krunch and Cinnamon Toast Suck

@keithlaw Brian Wilson saw Jason Kendall hit and wouldn't get out of bed for a year.

@jposnanski Pujols, Mauer, Ichiro, Holliday and Jeter all have higher BATTING AVERAGES than JK's SLG PCT since 2005

@kevin_goldstein Spent some time looking for a reason to be contrarian and justify the Jason Kendall signing in light of the #JasonKendallFacts -- I failed.

@dempseysarmy Everytime Zack Greinke looks in for a sign, he will ruefully mutter "I can't believe this shit."

@markelderallen In wake of "transgressions," Royals GM Dayton Moore pleads for "privacy for the Royals family to have time to heal"

@abpow Someone watching Jason Kendall bat was the inspiration for Edward Munch's "The Scream"

@keithlaw Jason Kendall has so little power that when the Royals signed him, all the lights in Kansas City went out.

@robneyer Jason Kendall will not be the worst hitter in the Royal lineup.