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Make Your Case: Help with my Hall of Fame ballot

Sometimes I procrastinate. I'd guess most people do. In this case, though, I've procrastinated too long on something you might be interested in helping me out with, so I'm turning to you to help me sort through it.

My SBN Hall of Fame ballot is due tomorrow, and for some reason I didn't find the time to start working on it until this morning. At first glance after looking over the ballot, I've narrowed it down to three groups:

Voting Yes:
Roberto Alomar
Bert Blyleven
Edgar Martinez
Mark McGwire
Tim Raines
Lee Smith

On the Fence, and could be convinced to go either way:
Andre Dawson
Barry Larkin
Fred McGriff
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy

Not considering:
Kevin Appier
Harold Baines
Ellis Burks
Andres Galarraga
Pat Hentgen
Mike Jackson
Eric Karros
Ray Lankford
Don Mattingly
Dave Parker
Shane Reynolds
David Segui
Alan Trammell
Robin Ventura
Todd Zeile

Now, I'm asking you to help me figure it out from here. Make your case in the comments if you think someone from my "On the Fence" list should or shouldn't be in the Hall, or if you think I've made an error in one of the other lists.

Let me make it perfectly clear: this is my ballot, not a community ballot. I'm not going to count votes or anything like that to determine who shows up on my ballot. I will, however, read all the comments in this thread and take them into consideration before making my final decision tonight.