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Goodbye Mike Cameron

Maybe most wouldn't find Cameron to be worthy of a goodbye post, but let's take a moment to recognize the value that this remarkable player brought to the Brewers over the past two years.

He accumulated WARs of 4.1 and 4.3 in his two seasons with Milwaukee. 8.4 over the past two years puts him just behind Ryan Braun (8.8) and Prince Fielder (9.5) for the team lead over that span of time. Cameron was the Brewers' third most productive player over the past two years, and now he's gone, with little fanfare.

That's a common trend for him in his career. The Red Sox will be his seventh team. As an elite center fielder with a .347 career wOBA, he's been underrated for far too long and it's good for him that he will play some of the final years of his career on a big stage in Boston.

Congratulations to Mike for securing a 2-year deal. Hopefully Red Sox fans will learn to appreciate his skillset as we did. The 1 year, $6 million deal with a $10 million option that Cameron signed in 2008 will go down as one of Doug Melvin's finest acquisitions.

The price and situation were not right for Cameron's return, based on the way Melvin decided to build the team for this year. But Cameron will go down as a big part of Brewer history as one of the most important parts of the playoff team of 2008, and a key player of the most awesome baseball game most of us have ever seen. And how awesome is the untucking tradition that he brought to Milwaukee?

It's a shame that the Brewers won't be picking up any draft picks out of the signing, but at some point complaining is futile. Good luck, Mike Cameron. You are truly one of the smoothest center fielders I have ever had the pleasure of watching.