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The Thursday Thinker: Breaking in early

Alcides Escobar turned 23 yesterday, and barring injury he'll likely be the Brewers full-time shortstop next season. Last week we talked about Gregg Zaun, and how rare it is for a player at his advanced age to make 100 appearances as a Brewer. If Escobar plays in 100 games in 2010, he'll become just the 19th Brewer to play that often at age 23 or younger. How many can you name in five minutes?

Again, here are the rules: Post your score in the comments, but do not comment on any specific answer until after 6 pm Central time, so everyone gets a chance to try it out without having it spoiled for them. And, of course, there's no reason to cheat here, because there's no prizes.

This might be the hardest Thinker I've posted to date. If you've only followed the Brewers closely for a few years, don't be surprised if you only get 3-6 of them. If you manage to get them all, though, post your time along with your score in the comments.

Have fun, and don't forget to post your score in the comments!