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Making Your '00 Face: Fifth outfielder

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With the '00's almost behind us, it's time to take a look back and work together to make a BCB All Decade team for the '00s. Each day, we'll tackle a new position, and we'll have our 25 man roster complete sometime around the 1st of the year.

The concept here is pretty simple. Each day, I'll give you a list of candidates: For position players, it's the full list of players who appeared in at least 100 games at the position during the '00s. Here are the players we've selected so far:

First Base: Prince Fielder
Second Base: Rickie Weeks
Shortstop: J.J. Hardy
Third Base: Bill Hall
Corner Outfield: Ryan Braun
Center Field: Mike Cameron
Corner Outfield: Geoff Jenkins
Catcher: Damian Miller
Bench IF: Craig Counsell
Bench COF: Carlos Lee

#1 SP: Ben Sheets

Voting for a closer opened yesterday and will close at 4 pm tomorrow. Today we need to select a fifth outfielder. Since Carlos Lee won the voting for the other outfield spot, we need to select an outfielder that can play center, meaning we're down to two nominees:

Brady Clark

Seasons as a Brewer: 4, 2003-2006
Slash line as a Brewer: .284/.361/.393
UZR (Fielding) as a Brewer: -1.1 runs
WAR as a Brewer: 5.8

Scott Podsednik

Seasons as a Brewer: 2, 2003-2004
Slash line as a Brewer:
UZR (Fielding) as a Brewer:
-11.3 runs
WAR as a Brewer: