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Weekend Dad Mug -- "OMG!! Misty May is a Brewer" Edition

Hello Kiddies!

Merry Christmas and Happy Other Stuff! I am not sure why your Regular Dad dropped you off at my door again so soon, I can only assume, he is either getting beat up by cheerleaders, or getting whacked with a steak. Well let me get a new pair of sweatpants on, (I got a bit messy practicing for egg-nog drinking contests), and tell you all about the Brewers, bikinis and big snakes.

After a seemingly endless parade of "up the chimney moves", Doug Melvin finally decided to come down our collective chimney this off-season, by acquiring Misty May. It should have been obvious to all Brewer fans that Doug Melvin's most pressing need was to acquire a player for the Brewer fanbase to crush over, after the trade of JJ Hardy to the Twins (by the way, any Minnesotans wanting to crush on JJ need to get in line behind Harmon Killebrew).

Thinking outside the box, Doug Melvin filled our stockings in a way we could have never expected. I know you all want to get cracking on sending some inappropriate Christmas fanmail to Ms. May, so let me help you get started...

  • Misty May's backside once humbled the most powerful man in the world.
  • Here is a youtube video, where Misty May: throws out her first first pitch, amazes Rex Hudler and that Steve Psycho guy with her amazing grasp on the game of baseball, and Mike Scioscia asks her for her autograph "for his daughter"
  • Misty celebrated Halloween as Little Bo Peep -- and made her husband dress up as former Brewers reliever Mike Myers, and apparently scared the neighborhood kids with his bizarre armslot.

I openly challenge those party-poopers at, to put a bad spin on this move.

In other Brewers news, the Brewers recently worked out a minor league deal with Agent Page Odle, (nice name!) to get Kameron Loe in Maryvale this spring.

Kameron Loe, who is the first Ranger castoff to ever play for the Brewers, spent last year in Japan, and his famous for his big snake named "Angel". Here is a gripping story about Loe sharing his big snake with his roommate CJ Wilson in 2006 - apparently if you ever lose track of your big snake, you can use some free-range rats to draw them out from under the refrigerator.

Unfortunately Kam no longer has his big snake, as I don't think he could take it to Japan with him. I am certain that I share a lot of disappointment with Brewer fans coming to grips with knowing that we will never find out  if Loe's snake, Angel or Todd Coffey is higher on the food chain.

In other Cameron news,  former Brewer Mike Cameron signed a 2 year, $15.5M contract with the Boston Red Sox. Here is a good collection of Mike Cameron notes, after the smoke has cleared a little. Over the Monster claims that Cameron has been more valuable than Jason Bay or David Ortiz..... combined.

I am certainly sad to see Mike Cameron leave for Boston, I am glad however, he got a decent contract with a decent team. It is interesting to me though, that Cameron will take a ~25% paycut in 2009 ($7.25M v. $10M). Had Doug Melvin offered Cameron Arbys, Cameron probably would have gotten a lot more money for his 2009 piggy bank - this means that not offering Cam Arbys was probably a frugal decision, once the Brewers front office decided that they weren't going to try to resign Cameron.

The Brewers also resigned Claudio Vargas to a one year deal. The Brewers also bought new pitching coach Rick Peterson one of these, to help him appropriately monitor Vargas's  gamespeed.

In other Baseball News:

Happy Holidays to everyone of my weekend kids. I will leave you with this video. If there is a worse Christmas Video, I haven't seen it.