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The Weekend Shot

Barely anything to read after being extra-good this year.

So, apparently the first couple days after Christmas are pretty slow in terms of baseball news and, especially, Brewers news.  For example, when I have the honor of writing the Weekend Mug, I usually take at least a couple hours sorting through the RSS feed for stories to put in the mug.  Generally, there are probably somewhere between 600-800 stories to go through over the weekend, give or take.  Today, I had about 100 stories to go through and it took me about twenty minutes.  So, instead of a mug we are having a weekend shot.

The Official Site does have a list of highlights of the Brewers 2009 season.  Included are the triple play, sprinting into the clubhouse after beating the Cardinals, Prince Fielder's first career Grand Slam; his winning the Home Run Derby; and his Princesplosion celebration.  Not included, for some reason, is July 30 when Ace Jeff Suppan was placed on the DL.

Also not included on that highlight list is the longest home run ever hit in Miller Park, because that occurred in 2004.  It was hit by Russell Branyan, who I am EXTREMELY disappointed to say did not win the final bench spot on the BCB Brewers All-Decade team.  Voting for the #3 starting pitcher opened Saturday, so be sure to cast your vote!

Biz of Baseball has a chart showing how much money each team has spent on payroll between 1999-2009.  The Brewers come in at the 23rd most money spent over those years, up a spot from the rankings through last year.  They were in the top half of payroll in just 2009, though (Not to beat a dead horse, but next time Doug Melvin complains about the strains of being a small market team, someone should tell him that 15 other teams have to work with less money).  Of course, after next 2010, the Yankees will have spent more than $2 Billion dollars on payroll since 1999.

In tangentially related Brewers news, Kelvim Escobar signed with the Mets for $1.25M (with a bonus for actually making the roster).   I had hoped that the Brewers would sign him as he is an extremely high upside pitcher who signed for a relatively low amount of money, and reports had been saying that Milwaukee did have interest in him.  Of course, he would have helped the Brewers more if he were to try to start again, however he has gone on record as wanting to pitch out of the bullpen in the hopes of avoiding injury.

In other transaction news:
Nationals: Signed RP Eddie Guardado to a minor league contract.
Diamondbacks: Signed RP Bob Howry to a one year deal with an option for 2011.
Astros:  Apparently allowed newly signed Ryan Sadowski out of his contract so he could sign with the Korean Lotte Giants.

That's all I have for you, though I was thinking earlier today and am curious to know everyone else's thoughts on a question.  Considering the current Milwaukee Brewers roster, and not worrying about payroll constraints, which player would you rather have on the team right now:  Joe Mauer or Tim Lincecum?  Obviously the Brewers need pitching, but adding Joe Mauer would give Milwaukee perhaps one of the most feared 3-4-5 hitters in the history of the MLB.  So who would you rather have?