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The Thursday Thinker: The End-of-Decade Extravaganza

Well folks, here we are, on the final day of the '00s. And to celebrate the occasion, I've prepared an epic quiz. Since Opening Day 2001, 186 players have had at least one official AB as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers. How many can you name in 20 minutes?

Again, here are the rules: Post your score in the comments, but do not comment on any specific answer until after 6 pm Central time, so everyone gets a chance to try it out without having it spoiled for them. And, of course, there's no reason to cheat here, because there's no prizes.

Clearly, with 186 answers (and over 100 of them recording less than 100 ABs), this would be a nearly impossible quiz to get a perfect score on without cheating. If you somehow manage to get them all, though, post your time along with your score in the comments.

A quick hint that might help you along the way: The quiz accepts last-name-only submissions, but gets a bit confused when dealing with players with multiple-word last names. So, for example, if noted one act play character Gritty von Canthitalick was a correct answer, "Canthitalick" would be accepted as an answer, but "von Canthitalick" would not.

Have fun, and don't forget to post your score in the comments!