Rumorville: Gil Meche

Could Doug Melvin unload Jeff Suppan and bring in a passable #2 starter? Jorge says yes!

The proposal has Gil Meche for Jeff Suppan and "prospects." Meche is by no means an ace starter, but he is coming off a down season and would benefit from the transition to the NL, not to mention the increased run support. Suppan, on the other hand, would get the 'opportunity' to throw 180 innings in the American League.

Why the Royals would do it:
-save $12 million dollars in 2011
-get some young prospects back in return
-don't have to eat ANY of Meche's salary

Why the Brewers would do it:
-Meche gives them a front line pitcher to pair with Gallardo, which dramatically improves starting rotation
-Get rid of Jeff Suppan!
-Save $500,000 million in 2010 salary; still have funds to go after a free agent starting pitcher
-Legitimate contenders in 2010?