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BCB Projections: Braden Looper and the Replacement Starters

So the signing of Looper throws off our projections a bit. Today all I ask is for a true-talent ERA/FIP/tERA estimate and innings pitched for Looper. Here's his CHONE projection (4.68 ERA), and his ZiPS projection is a 4.53 ERA. We'll leave the other four starters alone, but I'm assuming this will change our innings projections for McClung and Capuano. Let's just give both a projection for innings pitched as a starter, we already have an ERA projection. We don't need ERA for McClung or Capuano, just innings pitched as a starter, we'll deal with relief innings later for McClung later. I'll just assume replacement level pitching for Mark DiFelice or Chase Wright, we probably won't have to credit any anyway.

Format will be simple:

Looper Innings

Looper ERA

New McClung Innings

New Capuano Innings

You don't actually have to type "Looper" or "McClung", just type it out like this:





Please disregard this if Looper fails his physical.