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The Brewer Advent Calendar #2: The Nashville Sounds

You still have until noon tomorrow to register to win one of ten WhatIfSports Gift Certificates, but it's time to open another door. Today we find...the Nashville Sounds!



The picture above is the scoreboard at Greer Stadium in Nashville, home to players that are just one step away from making it to the big leagues. The Sounds have been the Brewers' AAA affiliate since 2005.

As I write this, I have a ball autographed by 20 members of the 2008 Nashville Sounds. I need to give it away soon, because Gorman thinks it looks delicious. As is the case with any group of ballplayer autographs, I wasn't able to identify them all, but I'm pretty sure all of the following players are on it:

Tony Gwynn Jr
Vinny Rottino
Joe Dillon
Hernan Iribarren
Tim Dillard
Ozzie Chavez
Sam Narron
Erasmo Ramirez
J.R. Hopf
Luis Pena

And there are nine others for you to attempt to decipher for yourself. The rules are the same as yesterday: You have 48 hours to comment on this post to be entered into the drawing to win it, and I'll contact the winner by email. Thanks again to the Nashville Sounds for making this possible. Good luck!