Braun's Clothing Line?

Ok, here we go. I'm a long time reader, first time poster. I found this link, thanks to our friends at Right Field Bleachers, regarding Ryan's clothing line. I did some research on Remetee and...well, I think i vomitted a little in my mouth. For those that have stronger constitutions than mine, I direct you to this collection of "goods." I will be real with all of you right now...I am 24. I like to possibly think of myself as "hip", "down", "with it"...and so on. These designs are hideous. After 3 years of Marquette in the "nice" parts of Milwaukee, I've seen hobos that wear finer shirts than this...for quite a lot less. Maybe I'm not as hip as I thought. Maybe...I'm getting old. For those of you who have heaps of cash lying around and have Stevie Wonder as your fashion consultant, I'll leave you Ryan's clothing website. Now, if you'll excuse me...I gotta get me one of these wickedly awesome shirts...before Ashton Kutcher gets one. Oh boy!!!!!