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Monday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while seeking Winston Churchill's approval.

So I've been gone since Friday, but the bullpen discussion has carried on without me. Over the weekend, dixieflatline brought Pitchfx to the table, and suggested the Brewers should keep both lefties, along with Eric Gagne. Jeff also took a look at bullpen composition.

Elsewhere, Fear the Beer thinks Coffey, Julio and Stetter will make the team, as does MLB Depth Charts. Tom H. has a look at the crowded bullpen as well, with a quote from Doug Melvin suggesting the success of an experienced pitcher like Gagne could lead to the team's decision to keep an inexperienced pitcher like Morlan.

Meanwhile, Two-Fisted Slopper is boycotting the entire bullpen conversation. I didn't really intend for this site to become Bullpen Central, but I do think roster battles are the most interesting thing going on in camp right now.

Take a deep breath, everyone: Yovani Gallardo will not pitch in the WBC (h/t FanShot).

On the injury front, there are three notes to pass along:

  • Bill Hall's calf injury is healing faster than expected. He's already running on a treadmill and taking BP, but will probably not be ready in time for Wednesday's spring training opener.
  • David Riske is still recovering from offseason elbow surgery and has yet to face live hitters in camp.
  • Chris Capuano is hoping to be ready to start games by mid-May. He could pitch a few innings in games late in spring training.

Hall was the subject of Sunday's JS Spring Training piece. Apparently he's lost some weight and is looking to improve his flexibility. J.J. Hardy was profiled on Saturday and Rickie Weeks was profiled Friday. As an added bonus, you can follow any of those links to catch a sidebar video starring Anthony Witrado that should have been titled "how to dress unprofessionally."

Speaking of Weeks, Miller Park Drunk thinks Weeks will have a good season in 2009, mainly because his hairstyle resembles Play from Kid N Play.

On projections:

  • As noted in this FanShot, Jack Moore of Right Field Bleachers used projections to explain where the Brewers can replace the wins they lost when CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets departed.
  • Results Disoriented has the over/under for the Brewers at 84.5 wins. That seems about right to me too. I might make it 85.5.
  • CHONE, on the other hand, predicts the Brewers will go 81-81 and ranks them 19th overall.

As I'm sure you know, we still have two more days to wait for the Brewers' first spring training game. If you're looking for ways to pass the time, you could make your picks for Right Field Bleachers' fan favorite contest, or you could transform into a JS commenter, as Tyler Maas of Bugs & Cranks did. If you choose to transform, please don't do it here...I just had the carpet cleaned.

He's not Trenni (and who is, really?), but I'm waiting to see him work before I pass judgment: Brian Anderson's blog has a message from new Brewer sideline reporter Telly Hughes.

He may not strike a lot of batters out, but new Brewer Braden Looper was the seventh best pitcher in all of baseball in 2008 in getting ground balls. Follow the link for a discussion on whether or not that's a good thing.

On the transaction wire:

Astros: Voided the contract of C Toby Hall, who needs surgery to repair a torn labrum.
A's: May be interested in Nomar Garciaparra, who the Phillies are no longer interested in.
Braves: Signed Garret Anderson to a one year deal.
Dodgers: Signed Orlando Hudson to a one year deal.
Mariners: Released OF Mike Wilson to make room on their roster for Ken Griffey.
Nationals: Odalis Perez has still not appeared in Nationals camp and is not returning calls from the organization or his agent. SEE UPDATE.
Rangers: Signed Kris Benson to a minor league deal.
Rays: Signed Jason Isringhausen to a minor league deal.
Twins: Signed Joe Crede to a one-year deal.

UPDATE: ESPN is reporting the Nationals have released Perez.

Baseball is truly becoming a world game. After an offseason where players from South Africa and India signed, the Indians signed a 16-year-old from the Czech Republic over the weekend.

Of course, these signings don't work for everyone. Nationals GM Jim Bowden, who found out last week his 19-year-old prospect was actually 23, is also now part of a federal investigation on skimming signing bonuses. He may be looking for work soon, and if you'd like to be a part of baseball's biggest reclamation project, you should be polishing your resume.

Jason Johnson, who was spending spring trying to earn a spot in the bullpen with the Yankees, now has a completely different fight on his hands. Johnson went to the eye doctor to correct some blurred vision in his right eye and was diagnosed with cancer of the retina. Best wishes go out to him.

Former Brewer Jorge de la Rosa had some control issues while he was in Milwaukee, but I didn't know emotional control was the problem. He's seeing a sports psychologist with the Rockies and had a much improved second half of 2008.

Oh, and if you liked Brooks Kieshnick, you'll love what the Reds might do with Micah Owings.

Drink up.