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Game Thread #-35: Brewers (0-0-1) at Cubs (1-0)

They say a tie is like kissing your sister. Hopefully all the Brewers have sisters that look like Brett Lawrie's sister Danielle.

At any rate, the Brewers will try to do better today in their first road game of the spring, traveling to Mesa to take on the Cubs. It's Yovani Gallardo (NR) against Sean Marshall (NR) today at 2:05.

I think it goes without saying that this game, the first 2009 meeting between the Brewers and Cubs, is a must win.

The game is on WTMJ and via Gameday Audio. Also, thanks to TheJay for passing along this note:


I'm not sure if you saw this in the comments or not, but MLB Gameday is "covering" spring games even though doesn't announce that fact. It isn't pitch-by-pitch and it seems to lag badly, but that might improve as spring goes on. It might be worth putting into Game Threads as an option for people who can't listen and want an alternative to the boxscore.

The URL for tomorrow's game is