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BCB Projections: Defense

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We're going to project defense a bit more informally. Here are the CHONE defensive projections for each player. Look them over, and we'll discuss which ones we want to change in the comments section.


C Jason Kendall 0

C Mike Rivera -6


1B Prince Fielder -8

2B Rickie Weeks -9

3B Bill Hall -1

3B Mike Lamb -12

2B Craig Counsell +14

SS Craig Counsell +10

3B Craig Counsell +12

SS J.J. Hardy +1


LF Ryan Braun +2

CF Mike Cameron +3

RF Corey Hart +2

Here's The Book fan scouting report for 2008 for some reference, and Fangraphs has UZR ratings. Just query the player's name in the upper right corner of the Fangraphs home page and then click defense on the tabs at the top. A player's career UZR/150 at the position will tell you a lot about their ability.

I'll point out a few that I think could be changed:

  • Kendall could probably get a modest bump, he was certainly better than aveage last year.
  • I think Weeks could be a tad higher, some may disagree.
  • Hall and Lamb both deserve bumps up, in my opinion.
  • Counsell could probably come down, given his age.
  • UZR and PMR love Hardy, so I think he should get a bump, too.
  • You guys can decide on the outfielders. I think those are pretty fair, but could be changed just a bit.

The format is up to you, we just want to come up with a consensus at some point. You can bring up one guy you think should be changed or go through the whole thing point-by-point if you so desire. We need some discussion for this to work, so contribute if you can, even if it's just "Weeks should definitely be that low".

One thing to keep in mind is that we're just looking at defense average to position. So a 0 SS is a much more skilled defender than a +5 first basemen, so don't think CHONE is saying Braun's a better fielder than Hardy.

This is your chance to speak up-- let's get some fan influence in here instead of just CHONE defense projecitons. I'll be around by about 4 if anyone has any questions. Otherwise, let the discussion begin. We'll see how this goes before I decide on tomorrow's topic. I'm going to leave the starters and relievers open for a bit yet, the links are at the top of this post.