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BCB Projections: Narrowing Down Defense

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There was some good discussion in the defensive projections thread yesterday. I just went through the comments and tried to get a general idea of where we want to go with these. Here's what I have come up with:

Jason Kendall +3

Mike Rivera -6

Prince Fielder -9

Rickie Weeks -6

J.J. Hardy +4

Bill Hall +2

Mike Lamb -12

Craig Counsell 2B/SS/3B +8/+5/+7

Ryan Braun 0

Mike Cameron +3

Corey Hart +1

Go ahead and comment if you want one changed, that's the reason I'm posting this. Tomorrow I'm wrapping up the pitcher and leverage projections, so last call for anyone that is interested in those. The links are once again at the top of this post.