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The Brewer Advent Calendar #8: Mitch Stetter

Sorry today's calendar is late, but behind door #8 we find...Mitch Stetter!



Stetter pitched 25.3 innings for the Brewers last season in 30 appearances, and this year he gets an opportunity to be the Brewers' full time LOOGY, if he can hold off R.J. Swindle to earn the role.

Stetter's biggest problem, though, is control. Stetter walked 19 batters last season while allowing just 14 hits, making him just the third Brewer ever to pitch more than 25 innings and allow more walks than hits.

Pitcher Season IP H BB
Derrick Turnbow 2007 68 44 48
Bill Parsons 1973 59.2 59 67
Mitch Stetter 2008 25.1 14 19

Thanks to TheJay for the stat.