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Saved for Saturday: A Mugiversary

One year ago today, I posted a FanPost titled Thursday morning reads. Response to it was good so I wrote another one the next day, and most weekdays after that. I held a vote to determine a name for it, rejected the leading vote-getter and named it myself, started writing it for the front page, and the rest is history.

At that point, I was reading about 100 blogs and sites daily, and I used to get up early, go to the gym, come home, shower, write the Mug and be to work by 10. Today, I read 265 blogs and sites every morning. I get up earlier, skip the gym, go straight to my desk, and I don't even get to the shower before 10 most days.

I don't know if I ever expected the Mug to become what I'm known for, but I don't know what I'd do without it now. I look forward every day to the time I get to spend gathering Brewer notes, writing terrible jokes and hopefully providing the starting point for an interesting, informed conversation on the state of the Brewers. Of course, it wouldn't be a conversation if I was just talking to myself, so I also wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who reads the Mug, comments on it and makes it fun.

When I was 14, I started writing a weekly Fan's View column for At 15, I managed a Brewer message board at (now defunct) I wrote for a couple of other websites after that, before launching my own baseball site, (also now defunct). I also had an aborted project at Baseball Think Factory a few years ago. All of those past efforts have one thing in common: They all lasted less than a year. The difference between all of those gigs and this one is the community here at BCB. A year after I started the Mug, it's still fun and it's still worthwhile. So thank you to all of you for reading and keeping me entertained, and I look forward to starting Year 2 of the Mug on Monday morning.