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The Brewer Advent Calendar #5: J.J. Hardy

We're getting close to spring training, folks, and the advent calendar is heating up. Behind door #5 we find...J.J. Hardy!



J.J. Hardy followed up his 26 home run, .786 OPS season in 2007 with 24 home runs and a .821 OPS in 2008. Beyond the Box Score rated him as 2008's most valuable Brewer position player (and 13th most valuable player in the NL), he's only 26, and on top of all that he's a hit with the ladies.

 Hardy posted a 113 OPS+ in 2008, the eighth best offensive season by a shortstop in Brewer history:

SS Season OPS+
Robin Yount 1982 166
Robin Yount 1983 150
Robin Yount 1980 130
Robin Yount 1984 126
Bill Hall 2006 125
Jose Hernandez 2002 120
Robin Yount 1981 114
J.J. Hardy 2008 113