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The Brewer Advent Calendar #4: Ryan Braun

Behind door #4 we find...Ryan Braun!



It would be fair to call Ryan Braun a once in a lifetime player. Braun turned 25 in November, but has already posted two seasons with an OPS+ over 125, and last season he finished third in the NL MVP voting. Among players who spent their first two major league seasons as a Brewer, Braun has practically lapped the field in all of these categories:

Home runs:

Player HR
Ryan Braun 71
Dale Sveum 32
Prince Fielder 30
Geoff Jenkins 30
Pedro Garcia 27


Player RBI
Ryan Braun 203
Dale Sveum 130
Geoff Jenkins 110
Pedro Garcia 108
Paul Molitor 107

Runs scored:

Player R
Ryan Braun 183
Paul Molitor 161
Pat Listach 143
Ernest Riles 123
Dale Sveum 121


Player 2B
Ryan Braun 65
Geoff Jenkins 55
Paul Molitor 53
Pedro Garcia 47
B.J. Surhoff 43

And strikeouts:

Player K
Ryan Braun 241
Dale Sveum 196
Pat Listach 194
Pedro Garcia 186
Bob Collucio 153