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Game Thread #-21: Dodgers (8-6) at Brewers (6-6-2)

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The Brewers are 1-0-1 so far on this homestand, and finish it off today, hosting the Dodgers.

It's Clayton Kershaw v. Manny Parra today at 3:05 in Maryvale. Kershaw has posted a 5.40 ERA in 6.2 spring innings, including 2.2 shutout innings his last time out. Parra only allowed one hit in four shutout innings on Monday. He has yet to allow a run this spring.

Today's game will be on WTMJ with Cory and Ueck.

For the Dodgers, Manny Ramirez may get one at bat today, but the Brewers rejected the Dodgers request to use the DH today so he could play more.

Saturday's Game Thread is now open.