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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

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Bill Hall returned to the Brewers this week after sitting out with a painful calf injury, as did Braden Looper. Rickie Weeks isn't letting criticism get to him, which is either really good or really really bad. Now Mike Cameron is out of play, with an armpit strain of all things.

If you're interested, you can vote for your favorite player at Right Field Bleachers. You'll never guess who I voted for...

Pictures taken from Yahoo!


Despite Lorenzo Cain's noble efforts, he fails to catch a homer while JJ Hardy looks on with sadness and grief.



JJ tried to make up for the run with his frog-like jumping skills...



Alcides Escobar wanted to cheer JJ up, so he tagged Brent Lillibridge of the Chicago White Sox out...



Then Prince helped out by scoring a run in Saturday's game...



YoGa made some silly faces from the mound...



And soon JJ was back to his good ol' self.



This just goes to show how good teammates can make the worst day turn into a good one, whether or not we get the W. Now, if Ryan Braun could just pull himself together and get more than one measly hit against teams like Puerto Rico...