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Game Thread #-18: Brewers (8-7-2) at Giants (8-12)

I don't know what the weather's like where you're at today, but here in Des Moines it's starting to feel like spring, and I'm planning on enjoying it by getting outside and listening to a Brewer game.

Today, it's Billy Sadler Pat Misch starting in place of Randy Johnson and taking on Jeff Suppan as the Giants host the Brewers at 3:05. Sadler is making his eighth appearance (and first start) of the spring. He's struggled so far, allowing ten earned runs on eleven hits in just five innings of work...but that's less relevant now that Misch is starting. Suppan has been Jeff Suppan, allowing nine earned runs and nineteen baserunners in eleven innings.

Today's game is available via WTMJ, but if you can't catch it there you can follow Gameday here.

Also, via Adam McCalvy, here's today's lineup:

Rickie Weeks  2B
Craig Counsell  3B
J.J. Hardy  SS
Prince Fielder  1B
Corey Hart  RF
Mike Cameron  CF
Brad Nelson  LF
Jason Kendall  C
Jeff Suppan  RHP

That's a lot of veterans for a spring training road game. Tuesday's St. Patrick's Day Game Thread is now open.