Rumorville: Mike Cameron

Stop me if you heard this before:

The most-heard observation about the Yankees this spring: That team could have serious, and potentially fatal, defensive issues. They're range-challenged in left, in right and at shortstop. They have reliability issues at second. Alex Rodriguez is now a major question on every level. And nobody knows what kind of defensive catcher Jorge Posada is capable of being over the long haul. There are rumblings the Yankees are poking around again on Mike Cameron's availability.

This is the Cats of all 2009 hot stove rumors.  At this point, I'd be tempted to trade Cameron just to get it to stop.

Tom H. is on the case, though:

Melvin said he spoke on the telephone today, just in general terms about their clubs, but said Cameron's name didn't come up and there was no talk of interest in any of the Brewers' glut of third base types in camp.

It's hard to image such a big trade this late in camp, especially with no clear replacement for Cameron.  (Duffycain?)  Still...