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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

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Corey Hart seems to be getting all the high-fives on the team recently. Case in point:


Bill Hall hits a three-run homer, earning a high-five from the wolfman.




This time, Hart is the recepient of a high-five from Prince Fielder for his two-run homer.



Again, all pictures are from Yahoo! Here are some other high-five winning pictures from the past week.



Lorenzo Cain breaks his bat grounding out against the Diamondbacks on Wednesday.




Prince Fielder safely slides into third after a triple against the Cubs this past Monday.




And, although JJ Hardy didn't catch this base hit, he's showing more passion in the game. This pleases me.



I hope that everyone is enjoying their sunny, somewhat warm weekend. Here in the Milwaukee area, the high for today is supposed to be 55 degrees. The forecast is that rain and wind are supposed to take over, beginning the week with a gloomy outlook. So, unless you're lucky enough to be playing around in Arizona this week, prepare to bust out those ever-so-stylish rain boots.