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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

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This week, the only pictures worth showing are of sad fumbles and misses. All the pictures are from Yahoo! as well as being from the game on Wednesday against the Dodgers. With what I saw, I'm really glad that the boys were able to pull a 12-8 win over the team of Manny Ramirez.

Sit back and enjoy!


"It's not a lack of hustle or effort ... A guy makes an error, a guy strikes out and you hear your home town booing you. It makes you ready to get out of there and go somewhere else for a while" says a frustrated Corey Hart on the first of the month.


One wonders exactly how the Los Angeles team got its name until Rickie Weeks fails to tag out a Dodger stealing second.


Without realizing this is not basketball, previous fumbler JJ Hardy tries to display a Globetrotter trick without the proper training.


No, this isn't a mirror of a picture from last week. JJ failed to catch another BH in the same fashion.

According to the MLB player file, JJ would love to be a firefighter if he wasn't in baseball. One has to wonder, with the bumbling JJ has done recently, how well he'd be able to put out those pesky fires.