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Game Thread #-30: Rockies (0-6) at Brewers (2-3-1)

Well, the Brewers have lost back to back games, and will look to avoid their third consecutive loss while hosting the only winless team in the Cactus League.

It's Yovani Gallardo vs Greg Smith at 2:05 from Maryvale. Gallardo struggled with control in his first spring start, walking two and giving up a hit in one scoreless inning of work before being pulled early to save his pitch count. Smith also struggled, giving up three runs on three hits and three walks in two innings.

No radio coverage again today, but if you're a Gameday Audio subscriber you can catch the game on If you're not, I'd recommend it: it's only $15 to be able to listen to every Brewer spring training game and every regular season MLB game.

If you can't or won't get Gameday Audio, you can watch the Gameday feed at this link:

(I think that's right.)

And, if you're bored waiting for today's game to start, don't forget to stop by Beyond the Box Score for their NL Central chat from 1-2. Tuesday's game thread is now open.