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Game Thread #-29: Australia at Brewers

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You know a game is (not) important when it's listed as an "exhibition" game separate from the Cactus League, which is an exhibition league.

Nonetheless, the Brewers host the Australian WBC team at 2:05 today. Seth McClung takes the mound against an Aussie to be determined.

The game is not on WTMJ, but will be carried on Gameday Audio at Obviously, this one is a must-win. The game thread is now open.

And, since I already have it, here's the Brewer lineup:

2B Rickie Weeks
LF Chris Duffy
SS JJ Hardy
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
3B Casey McGehee
DH Mat Gamel

(h/t JS)