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Game Thread #-25: Brewers (5-4-1) at Giants (5-8)

In the last three days, the Brewers have faced 2008 AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee, Carlos Zambrano and Zack Greinke. Today, it's Barry Zito. Will it be an improvement? Tune in with the rest of us at 3:05 to find out.

It's Manny Parra v. Barry Zito in Scottsdale at 3:05 today. Parra is making his second appearance of the spring, and allowed no runs and just one hit in two innings in his last appearance. This is Zito's third start of the spring: he's allowed three earned runs in 4.2 innings so far.

In perhaps the best news of the day, Uecker is expected back in Arizona today and will be calling today's game alongside Cory Provus on WTMJ and via Gameday Audio at

Here's today's lineup, via Adam McCalvy:

Rickie Weeks     2B
Craig Counsell    3B
J.J. Hardy          SS
Prince Fielder     1B
Mike Cameron    CF
Lorenzo Cain      RF
Chris Duffy         LF
Jason Kendall    C
Manny Parra      LHP

Mitch Stetter, Eddie Morlan, Omar Aguilar and Nick Green are also scheduled to ptich.

Monday's game thread is now open.