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Game Thread #5: Cubs (2-2) at Brewers (2-2)

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Fresh off an exhilarating home opening victory, the Brewers take the field again tonight to try to keep the momentum alive.

For the Brewers, Dave Bush makes his first start and second appearance of the regular season today. Bush was not very effective in one inning of work in Tuesday's opener, allowing two runs on three hits, including a home run. He was effective this spring, however, going 3-0 with a 3.74 ERA in nine appearances. He's also a big fan of pitching at Miller Park: Bush's career ERA is 3.82 at home, against a 5.21 mark on the road.

For the Cubs, Carlos Zambrano will chug a Red Bull and head to the mound. He's already 1-0 on the season, having won the Cubs' Opening Day game against the Astros, pitching six innings and allowing just one run on five hits. Prince Fielder may be looking forward to seeing him: Fielder has hit .321/.457/.571 off Zambrano in his career.

The Brewers, Cubs and Pirates enter today's game at 2-2, all tied for second place in the Central behind the 3-2 Cardinals. Thus, with losses by the Pirates and Cardinals, the winner of today's game could win the NL Central, provided they also win as many or more games than every other team in the division the rest of the way.

Game time is at 6:05. Saturday's Game Thread is now open.