Why Is Jeff Suppan Still Pitching?

Because he's making $12,500,000 this year. That's why. For no other reason. There can't possibly be any other reason. He's not an innings eater. He barely gets into the 5th inning any more if he's lucky. It seems like every inning he inherits at least one base runner, and he gets in trouble way more than he doesn't.

If there was a young guy, a prospect, coming up through the ranks and he got his shot at the big leagues and pitched like Jeff Suppan did in his first two games, he would be back in AAA so fast it would make his head spin.

If Mark Attanasio wants to be competitive for the playoffs again, he has to cut Suppan loose soon. If you can mark down every one of Suppan's starts as a loss, this team might struggle to hit 70 wins. The guys just look discouraged when he's in. I have no confidence that he can ever get out of a jam. And apparently now Macha is going to adopt the Yost approach of letting Suppan dig himself into way more trouble than he should.

In that "blowup" inning tonight against the Cubs, Suppan wasn't even close to the strike zone. The ESPN announcer said he's never EVER seen a team walk in four runs in an inning. He threw a ball into the grass in front of the plate! I've never seen that ever, in any level of baseball play.

Clearly Suppan is extremely ineffective. If the Brewers are serious about making the playoffs, they need to find another option.