I suppose it's time for predictions gentlemen (and ladies).

I know that my Fanposts are becoming as prolific as Camclow's, so I hope my analysis can rise to the standards he set.

Since there are 5 days left until Opening Day, we might as well put our predictions out there.  We've been ripping and decerning everyone's predictions out there, and I realized that I haven't had my say (and a lot of us haven't said what we think, only implied).  Here is what I think for the NL Central.

Chicago 89-73

St. Louis 86-76

Milwaukee 84-78

Cincinnatti 80-82

Pittsburgh 74-88

Houston 67-95

Despite the Cubs failings (see the signing of Milton Bradley as a starting OF), they are still the "class" of the division when it comes to teams.  Not so much on the Fans. Here is a picture of a fat one for you.

St. Louis always seems to make a 2nd or 3rd place finish happen, and the emergence of Ludwick and the return of Carpenter will help in this. It doesn't hurt to have the best hitter of this decade patrolling first either. 

The Crew will drop off, but be in it until mid-September.  Suppan and the bullpen aren't much cause for optimism, but Weeks predicted breakout and Corey learning to take a walk will help.

I'm not buying the Reds until they get a manager that doesn't destroy pitchers.  But some improvement will happen with Bruce and Votto getting more experience.

The Pirates have a star quality hitter in McClouth, and may find enough pitching to improve on last year's total, but I doubt it.

Houston's aging lineup and spotty starting behind Oswalt will toss them in the cellar this year.

I won't analyze any more than that for now.  Feel free to speak your piece and rip to hell my thoughts.