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Wednesday's (Late and brief) Frosty Mug

Thanks to Kirbir for posting a placeholder for me. Most of the links I've grabbed for today will go in an extra-large Mug tomorrow, but here's some quick bullet points to keep you from going into withdrawal:

Brewer notes:

  • Cute Sports discusses Mike Cameron, the 250/250 club, and the possibility that he could go 300/300.
  • Mike Rivera left last night's game with an ankle injury. He was able to finish the inning before leaving the game, but will presumably be re-evaluated today, if he hasn't been already.
  • Trevor Hoffman notched his first save last night, but expressed concerns about the Miller Park sound system. Here's a question no one's asked yet: Is he available to pitch three straight days?
  • The Pittsburgh Tribune has a profile of Ken Macha, who grew up nearby and is a Pitt graduate.
  • Dave Begel of thinks Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder might be among the state's best broadcasting teams.
  • WTMJ has a profile of Trenni, back home on vacation.
  • Brevard County Manatee Evan Anundsen threw the first nine-inning no-hitter in baseball this season. (Also noted in FanShot)
  • Mark Rogers will return to the starting rotation in Brevard County on Saturday after missing a start with a bruised shoulder.

Other stuff:

That's all for now, see you in the Game Thread.