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Friday's Warm Mocha

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Yes, I know what you're thinking - "What in the world did you do to my Mug?" I'm filling in for KL today, as he embarks on adventures to the outer regions of Appleton. Since I'm not 21 for another 22 days and 14 hours - not that I'm counting or anything - I can't share any Mugs with you. Please do enjoy this tasty mocha in its place. Or perhaps you should stick to your Bran cereal.



  • John Royal thinks that we have the bat power to play well this season, but like many worries about our bullpen.
  • This guy agrees, saying our bats will need to pick up some slack after losing Sheets and Sabathia. Apparently, we have four catchers also.
  • It has been suggested that YoGa might not be as much of an ace as we think he is. I think it's a lie.
  • Manny Parra needs to step up to help fill the bullpen losses over the off-season.
  • We're predicted to win nine games less than last season, which would probably drop us from the playoffs.
  • Brian McTaggart believes that we will go 81-81, with the Phillies beating us out to win the wild card. He sees the Yanks beating fellow NY team, the Mets, to win the World Series.
  • Again, we lost pitching talent and we're predicted to win 85-77. These are starting to bum me out.
  • At least someone thinks we'll beat out the rest of the NL Central.


Other Teams:


  • James Skelton gets moved down to AA to work on his hitting, but the Diamondbacks were happy with his catching. Instead, Arizona will send Brooks Brown to the Tigers.
  • Apparently the Mariners only have one lefty in their bullpen. Will this hurt them? Probably not.
  • In a similar situation as our lovely team, The Reds have a ton of young talent. The difference? They're pegged to play well this season.
  • Twins (but not twins) Scott Baker and Joe Mauer have been placed on the DL. Baker has a stiff right shoulder and Mauer has "inflammation in his sacroiliac joint." For more information, or to spit a little coffee at your screen, read the last sentence here.



Random Awesomeness:


  • Macha says that Escobar has a little bit of work and growing up to do before making the big leagues.
  • If you want to take a look at some depth charts, check this out. Teams are on the right-hand side.
  • Want to feel better about our team? The Pirates just lost to a community college. Ouch.
  • It's estimated that those of us who enjoy our ballpark hot dogs will scarf down 22 million this year. Also, they want to put hot dogs in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Interesting.
  • KLSnow and I agree that these red velvet cupcakes are a great idea, but the bacon-wrapped hot dogs maybe a little too much... or maybe not.
  • If you think you're an obsessed fan, check this guy out. I wouldn't be opposed to driving a Braun car, but I'm sure I would get my car keyed and messed up by the Cubs and Sox fans here at school.
  • This girl is lucky that guy was there to save her. It makes you wonder how many people get hit by or hurt trying to catch hard hit balls.
  • Now I know yet another reason why James Jerry Hardy goes by JJ.



Hope you enjoyed your mocha. Oh, and you might wanna wipe that whipped cream off your face (or Cool Hwhip).