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Giants 7, Brewers 1

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W: Matt Cain (1-0)
L: Manny Parra (0-1)

FanGraphs' Live Data Feed is down, so there's no Win Expectancy Graph, MVP or LVP tonight.

SBNation Coverage

Manny Parra pitched well for his first three innings before the wheels came off in the fourth and fifth, and he allowed five runs on six hits and two walks in 4.1 innings of work, creating a defecit the Brewers were unable to recover from.

Mark DiFelice relieved Parra and allowed a hit and a walk but nothing else in an inning and two thirds. David Riske poured gasoline on the fire in the seventh, allowing two runs on four hits. Jorge Julio pitched a scoreless eighth.

The Brewer offense managed just five hits and two extra base hits, a Corey Hart double and a Mike Cameron line drive that hit Giants reliever Joe Martinez above the right eye. Martinez had to leave the game but was walking under his own power. Hart batted out of the seventh spot in the order and went 1-for-4 with a walk. He also committed one of two Brewer errors: Craig Counsell committed the other. With Counsell in the two spot, the Brewers who started in the first four spots in the lineup combined to go 1-for-14.