Four previews for the Brewers/Cardinals series:

Hardball Cooperative lists the Brewers-Cardinals series as the best of the weekend:

There aren’t many big series this weekend around the baseball world, but there are a few to keep your eye on, most notably the red hot Brewers and the slumping Cardinals in St. Louis.

Brewed Sports fired a strike in response to the series preview:

At first the whole "we're the Cardinals and we 'respect the game'" thing was sort of cute, but now it's just getting absurd. Albert Pujols basically invented watching home runs, and Mike Cameron untucking his shirt has nothing to do with the other team. These guys need to grow up.

Chuckie Hacks noticed that preview too, and had this to say:

Lordy, lordy, are they seriously still concerned about the shirt un-tucking?

And Bernie Miklasz, one of the primary sources of complaints from the other side? So far, he's taking the high road:

In 2009, it was thought that the Brewers might take a step back, because free-agent starting pitcher CC Sabathia defected to the Yankees. Another ace, Ben Sheets, wasn’t re-signed and is sitting out this season as a free agent, rehabbing from arm surgery.

But as the Brewers enter Busch Stadium for a 3-game weekend series, they’re rolling. They’re the hottest team in baseball, having gone 17-5 since April 22.

And that Milwaukee rotation that was supposed to take a hit this season? Hasn’t happened.