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Brewers 8, Cardinals 2

W: Manny Parra (3-4)
L: Todd Wellemeyer (3-4)

HR: Prince Fielder (9)

MVP: J.J. Hardy (+.150)
LVP: Bill Hall (-.058)

Win Expectancy Graph
SBNation Coverage

The Brewers scored eight runs in the game despite getting just seven hits, and jumped out to an early lead, scoring four runs in the first. All told, the Brewers had 18 baserunners on seven hits, eight walks and three HBP.

Manny Parra got into trouble a couple of times but wiggled off the hook, and finished with two earned runs allowed on five hits and four walks in six innings. He had a close call in the sixth when he allowed two runs to make the score 4-2, but Prince Fielder's three-run home run created a 7-2 lead the Brewers would not relinquish.

J.J. Hardy went just 1-for-4, but that one single was a two-run single in the first that turned out to be the most important play of the game.