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Brewers acquire Jody Gerut for Tony Gwynn

619 Sports (via MLB Trade Rumors) is reporting the Brewers have acquired outfielder Jody Gerut from the Padres for Tony Gwynn Jr.

Gerut is 31 years old and is hitting .223/.250/.384 in 120 plate appearances in 2009, which might make him the worst consistently playing outfielder in major league baseball this season. He did post a .296/.351/.494 line in 100 games for the Padres last season, so there is hope he'll bounce back. Prior to 2008, Gerut had not appeared in a major league game since 2005.

Meanwhile, Tony Gwynn Jr. ends up where we all figured he'd be eventually, San Diego. After failing to beat out Chris Duffy this spring, Gwynn has shown signs of life in AAA, hitting .308/.387/.395 in 175 trips to the plate and going 15-for-16 in stolen base attempts. He has a major league career .598 OPS in 264 PA's.

All told, this move looks like the Brewers giving Gwynn an opportunity to go play in the majors somewhere else, since the call wasn't going to come in Milwaukee. Gerut might be given a shot as a fourth outfielder in Milwaukee or might be sent to Nashville to take Gwynn's place, but any production out of him at this point would be an added bonus.

UPDATE: As Warwick5s noted in the comments, Gord Ash tweeted the following:

Tony Gwynn returns home to SanDiego for outfielder Jody Gerut. Gerut will join the Brewers in Minnesota tomorrow

So my theory that Gerut may report to Nashville first is refuted.