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Cardinals 8, Brewers 1

MVP: Casey McGehee (+.070)
LVP: Jeff Suppan (-.310)

Win Expectancy graph
SB Nation coverage

Jeff Suppan and Adam Wainwright locked horns tonight in a rematch of their epic battle ten days ago, and the result was much the same: Wainwright was dominating, but he was again overcome by Suppan's complete mastery of the game.

The Brewers scored the only run they'd need in the 3rd inning. After a Craig Counsell single, Casey McGehee walk, and Ryan Braun HBP loaded the bases, Prince Fielder expertly worked the count before driving in the coffin nail.

Though Suppan had struggled initially, he was heartened by the run and came out firing bullets in the 4th inning, handcuffing the fearsome murderer's row that is the St. Louis lineup with his veteran wiles. Yep, old Soup really put on a pitching clinic as he continues to make Doug Melvin look like a genius for locking him at the low, low rate of $12.5M this year.

The only negative in the game came after Braun had to leave as a result of being hit in the 3rd with what is being termed a bruise, but who can be bothered by such trifles after tonight's emphatic statement of dominance by the Brewers?