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Thursday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while making your BBQ more piratey.

So, after yesterday's game Ken Macha was asked about the decision to not to bunt with pinch hitter Jody Gerut, down 3-2 with a runner on first in the ninth, and Macha suggested he doubted Gerut's ability to get a bunt down. This raises questions for me on three independent levels:

  • How does one hang around in the big leagues until one is 31 without developing the ability to bunt?
  • How does Ken Macha, who didn't know things like "Bill Hall has never played left field," and "Todd Coffey throws hard," know that Gerut can't bunt?
  • Is the "bunt" question really more relevant than the decision to use Gerut instead of Bill Hall? Hall is 5-for-11 in his career against Franklin, with two doubles and two home runs.

Corey Hart got the day off yesterday as a "mental health" break and was replaced by Frank Catalanotto, who had two hits, including a two run triple. Hart seems to understand his current struggle, and it sounds like Dale Sveum is the perfect candidate to help him work his way out of it. Hart is hitting .205/.255/.295 in May, and his 2009 OPS has fallen all the way to .708.

So Corey Hart is working to remedy his problems and help the team win. Ryan Braun, meanwhile, is making plans to host a party Friday night for the official launch of his "Remetee" clothing line. Seriously? This couldn't wait until the offseason? Thanks for keeping your priorities in line, Ryan: When the Brewers aren't winning I could not possibly care less about the success of your t-shirt line. Also, you have a sore wrist and your OPS has dropped almost 130 points in the last 17 days. Maybe you should get some rest?

Todd Coffey is hot again, allowing just one earned run in his last eight outings (over nine innings). On top of that, his sprint in from the bullpen drew the notice of the NY Times. (h/t Coffey, Hoffman, DiFelice and McClung give the Brewers four relievers with at least 13 innings pitched and an ERA below 3.10.

Tony Gwynn is off to a 3-for-12 start with the Padres, and has already scored five runs. Paul DePodesta sums up the Padres reasons for making the move to acquire him, which seem to be a lot more about money and youth and a lot less about Gwynn actually adding much value to the team. (Noted in FanShot)

On the subject of trades, here's another interesting rumor, but this one has no known tie to reality: Fire Brand of the American League suggests the Red Sox could trade Brad Penny to the Brewers for Angel Salome.

While Salome isn't exactly hitting the cover off the ball in 2009, he's part of a Brewer farm system with the second best combined record in baseball.

Beyond the Box Score has done the math and discovered the Brewers have the least negative team WAR over the last five seasons. That's pretty impressive, seeing as those five seasons include games caught by Damian Miller, Chad Moeller, Johnny Estrada and Jason Kendall.

On power rankings:

Around the league:

A's: Placed Nomar Garciaparra back on the DL with stiffness in his calf.
Cubs: Placed Aaron Miles on the DL with a shoulder strain.
Orioles: Placed Koji Uehara on the DL with a hamstring strain.

By now, you've probably seen the video of Carlos Zambrano getting ejected from yesterday's Cubs-Pirates game, bumping an umpire, throwing the ball into left field and destroying a Gatorade dispenser. Obviously, Zambrano will face a suspension, which will prolong his run as the active player with the most plate appearances without being hit by a pitch. UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot to mention THE SPAZZOSAURUS!

Here's the best season you haven't heard about: Adrian Gonzalez, who plays his home games at Petco Park, already has 18 home runs, putting him on pace for 62.

Oh, and if you're a Ferris Bueller fan with $3.2 million lying around, you need this house.

Drink up.