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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

There are just too many fun pictures this week!

I went to the game on Tuesday and took some fun action shots of the game and, most importantly, Trevor Hoffman.



A Brewers fan eagerly awaits the Hoffman entrance.



Hoffman taking the field.



Hoffman pitching against a Pirate.



This is perhaps the most manly Craig Counsell has ever looked, but I've been told that Hells Bells has that effect on people.



And, of course, the best picture of the week: Yovani Gallardo's home run.


Many of us recently sat down for a little chat with YoGa and you can read the transcript here. The last two pictures in today's post were found at Yahoo! but the others are mine, so no stealing.

It's business as usual today. Dave Bush starts today's one o'clock game against Yusmeiro Petit of the Diamondbacks. The next home games will be next weekend against the Cubs, so get ready for a rollicking time!