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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

Man, it's been a long week for the team and for most of us on here. All pictures this week taken from Yahoo!


Albert Pujols gets flared up over Craig Counsell's ability to catch him in a chase.


Manny Parra pitches frantically, trying to salvage some sort of a game.


Ryan Braun tries to slide in all cool like, but gets tagged out anyway.


Mat Gamel beats out a double play, but fails to slide as cool.


Speaking of Braun, he didn't manage to wrangle in this ball earlier in the week. Without the background, this could be a cool shot for an ad for a new version of the Six Million Dollar Man.

The Crew plays at 1:05CT today where Yovani Gallardo (4-2, 3.32) takes on the pride of Tulane University, Micah Owings (3-5, 4.78). Enjoy the game extra, as I have the unfortunate task of calling into work and driving for hours round trip to a graduation. Oh joy.