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Brewers 17, Pirates 0

MVP: J.J. Hardy (+.323)
LVP: Mike Cameron (-.062)

Win Expectancy Graph
SBNation Coverage

Okay, it was 8-5. The Brewers beat the Pirates for the second time in a row, plus fifteen other times before that. The 17-game win streak is the longest by any one team against another since the Orioles beat the Royals 23 straight times from 1969-70. Yeah. Gruesome.

It wasn't a pretty game: there were a lot of walks from both teams and constant rain, plus Brian Anderson spent a full half inning riffing on the Dr. Evil pronunciation of "laser"--comedy gold, Jerry.

On the actual baseball front, J.J. Hardy was the star of the game for the Brewers, driving in four runs over his first three at-bats, two of them with two outs, and then drawing two walks in his final two plate appearances to cap a perfect evening. Corey Hart threw in a couple doubles, and every Brewers starter managed to reach base at least once, even Jeff Suppan, who walked. There was a lot of that going around: the Brewers walked ten times in total and the Pirates seven.