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The Milwaukee Brewers' Last Trade With Each Team

One of my favorite parts of each year's team media guide is the page listing the Brewers' last trade with all the other major league teams. Maybe it's because it's so esoteric, maybe it's because of all the "some-team-wanted-him?" thoughts it prompts, or maybe it's the idea that for years Brewers and Mariners management had a bitter blood feud getting in the way of amicable trading. I don't know. Either way, let's take a trip down memory lane, transaction-style:

(note: PTBNL below stands for "Player to be Named Later," defined here)

The Milwaukee Brewers' Last Trade With...

  • Arizona Diamondbacks - 11/25/2006
    Traded LHP Doug Davis, LHP Dana Eveland, and OF Dave Krynzel for C Johnny Estrada, RHP Claudio Vargas, and RHP Greg Aquino
  • Atlanta Braves - 12/7/2005
    Traded RHP Wes Obermueller for RHP Dan Kolb
  • Chicago Cubs - 8/31/2004
    Traded OF Ben Grieve for LHP Andy Pratt and cash
  • Cincinnati Reds - 1/14/2000
    Traded OF Alex Ochoa for OF Mark Sweeney and a PTBNL (RHP Gene Altman)
  • Colorado Rockies - 12/13/2004
    Traded RHP Marcos Carvajal in exchange for cash
  • Florida Marlins - 11/25/1996
    Traded RHP Eddie Collins for LHP Joel Adamson
  • Houston Astros - 9/11/2007
    Traded RHP Dennis Sarfate for cash
  • Los Angeles Dodgers - 3/26/2007
    Traded OF Brady Clark and cash for RHP Elmer Dessens
  • New York Mets - 11/20/2007
    Traded C Johnny Estrada for RHP Guillermo Mota
  • Philadelphia Phillies - 7/28/2006
    Traded RHP Wilfrido Laureano for 3B David Bell
  • Pittsburgh Pirates - 12/7/2007
    Traded RHP Marino Salas and RHP Kevin Roberts for RHP Salomon Torres
  • St. Louis Cardinals - 8/22/2003
    Traded RHP Mike DeJean for two PTBNL (RHP Mike Crudale and RHP John Novinsky)
  • San Diego Padres - 7/25/2007
    Traded LHP Joe Thatcher, RHP Will Inman, and LHP Steve Garrison for RHP Scott Linebrink
  • San Francisco Giants - 7/20/2008
    Traded OF Darren Ford and LHP Steve Hammond for 2B Ray Durham
  • Washington Nationals - 9/4/2007
    Traded a PTBNL (1B Andrew Lefave) for LHP Ray King

The AL teams are after the jump.

  • Baltimore Orioles - 7/16/1999
    Traded a PTBNL (RHP Al Reyes) for RHP Rocky Coppinger
  • Boston Red Sox - 7/31/1998
    Traded IF Eddy Diaz for RHP Joe Hudson
  • Chicago White Sox - 12/13/2004
    Traded OF Scott Podsednik, RHP Luis Vizcaino and a PTBNL (IF Travis Hinton) for LF Carlos Lee
  • Cleveland Indians - 7/7/2008
    Traded OF Matt LaPorta, LHP Zach Jackson, RHP Rob Bryson, and a PTBNL (OF Michael Brantley) for LHP CC Sabathia
  • Detroit Tigers - 7/1/2007
    Traded RHP Jose Capellan for LHP Chris Cody
  • Kansas City Royals - 3/27/2007
    Traded RHP Ben Hendrickson for a Marxist Empire
  • LAnaheim Angels - 7/31/2002
    Traded OF Alex Ochoa and C Sal Fasano for C Jorge Fabregas and 2 PTBNL (RHP Pedro Liriano and IF John Raburn)
  • Minnesota Twins - 11/15/2002
    Traded RHP Gerry Oakes and RHP Matt Yeatman for RHP Matt Kinney and C Javier Valentin
  • New York Yankees - 8/23/1996
    Traded IF Pat Listach and LHP Graeme Lloyd for OF Gerald Williams and RHP Bob Wickman
  • Oakland Athletics - 5/23/2007
    Traded RHP Alec Zumwalt for cash.
  • Seattle Mariners - 5/19/2005
    Traded C Pat Borders for cash.
  • Tampa Bay Rays - 4/22/2008
    Traded OF Gabe Gross for RHP Josh Butler
  • Texas Rangers - 7/28/2006
    Traded OF Carlos Lee and OF Nelson Cruz for RHP Francisco Cordero, LHP Julian Cordero, OF Kevin Mench, and OF Laynce Nix
  • Toronto Blue Jays - 1/6/2006
    Traded RHP Brian Wolfe for 3B Corey Koskie

This information comes out of the Brewers' 2009 Media Guide. I believe all listed trades include someone on the 40-man roster for one of the teams. Any errors are mine in transcription or not diligently checking MLB's work.