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Brewers 12, Cubs 6

MVP: Ryan Braun (+.251)
LVP: Seth McClung (-.101)

Win Expectancy Graph
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Tonight's game featured so much entertainment that the lights overloaded and went out: great stuff from Yovani Gallardo, strike zone controversy, Ryan Braun getting hit by a pitch, Ryan Braun retaliating with a home run, a Craig Counsell home run, Brad Nelson actually getting on base, and oh yeah, lots of crooked numbers against the Brewers' biggest rival.

Seemingly half a day ago, Gallardo started the game flashing a good curveball and 94 mph heat, but home plate umpire Jerry Crawford decided he'd rather see the bullpens battle it out. Ever the contrarian, Lou Piniella was determined to see Ryan Dempster into the 7th inning despite a Snell-ian pitch count, and it came back to bite him when Counsell and Braun went back-to-back.

After that, the Brewers feasted on the Cubs bullpen like it was Easter. The Cubs did a little noshing of their own off Jorge Julio, but the Cubs pen wasn't about to let the Brewers get away with allowing Trevor Hoffman to show off with another save. It was a long game, but suffice to say, a lot longer for the Cubs.