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Rockies 4, Brewers 2

MVP: Casey McGehee (+.129)
LVP: Mike Rivera (-.195)

Win Expectancy graph

If you saw the game last night, you saw the game tonight.

The Brewers got ahead 2-0 early on the strength of two-out RBI doubles from Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder, and then decided they'd had enough scoring for the day, or maybe Jorge de la Rosa convinced his old mates to finally let him have a good start at Miller Park.

Dave Bush pitched acceptably, striking out seven in five innings but walking four. He surrendered a solo home run to Troy "Runner-Up" Tulowitzki in the 4th but really wilted in the 5th, allowing what seemed like the Rockies' 21st-23rd doubles this series to give the Rockies a 3-2 lead. Seth McClung gave up the coffin nail in the 7th, a solo shot to Brad Hawpe.

On the bright side, we did witness a successful Brewers debut from Chris Smith, who only had to wait a week after being called up to pitch. Somehow, the game managed to take three and a half hours to complete despite being basically devoid of action.