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Brewers 7, White Sox 2

MVPa: Jeff Suppan (+.340, .210 batting/.130 pitching)
MVPb: Corey Hart (+.247 and one hell of a defensive play)
LVPa-b: J.J. Hardy (-.107)

Win Expectancy graph

They won! And it wasn't crushingly boring!

Presented for your enjoyment, without commentary save that the Brewers were losing 2-0 when the inning began:

Bottom 6th: Milwaukee
- P. Fielder safe at first on pitcher C. Richard's throwing error
- O. Dotel relieved C. Richard
- M. Cameron struck out swinging
- C. Hart doubled to deep left, P. Fielder scored
- B. Hall struck out swinging
- J. Kendall intentionally walked
- J. Suppan singled to left center, C. Hart scored, J. Kendall to second
- C. McGehee singled to left, J. Kendall scored, J. Suppan to second
- J.J. Hardy struck out swinging

Hart also contributed a two-run triple an inning later, and McGehee had another two-out RBI single. We also witnessed multiple Scott Podsednik baserunning blunders and Bill Hall performing a miracle; no, I'm not talking about his amazing defensive play, but rather his two hits. Hell, Jeff Suppan had another hit in addition to the one above.

All in all, a pretty satisfying way to get off the interleague schneid.